Your Spending, Your Savings,
Their Spending, Your Earnings.


Answer : A platform where gathering resources from every merchants in order to increase walk-in customers, value added services & sales.

2. Why should I use TLS SOCIETY APP?
Answer (User):
- Enjoy cashback bonus for every single cent
- Enjoy free item without any terms & conditions
Answer (Merchant):
-  Increase walk-in customer
- Utilise advertisement budget- Increase Sales
- Increase Brand awareness
- Multiple income stream
- Risk diversification
- You can use other registered merchant's free item to increase your closing rate

3. What benefits will I get if I register TLS SOCIETY APP now?
Answer : 
If merchant hit sales target: 
FREE branding/marketing services :-
- Social media content copywriting
- Social media design for posting purpose
- Animation video to promote your products/services

4. How do I book my spot now?
Answer : Kindly fill in your details in the "Register as User" or "Register as Merchants" page. And our team will contact you in 1-3 working days.

5. If I have more than one number, can I register both numbers or only one account for each person?
Answer : The apps only allow 1 account for 1 user, to avoid miss-using of the platform

6. What is the 20% about?
Answer : 20% is paid out only when merchant close a deal with the App!
1. 5% Cashback bonus
2. 5% Charity purpose
2. 5% Referral bonus (to highly improve the chance your customer base will continuously refer new customers to you)
3. 5% TLS Society (if you hit certain sales number, FREE additional services will be given to you by TLS)

7. Is it means that I can reduce other advertisement cost after I join this App?
Answer : Definitely yes!
Is so far the most cost-effective advertisement cost. Which you only pay out advertisement cost when the potential customer actually came to your store/centre & when you close the deal and get the sales!

In addition, you will get FREE services from TLS group (20+ professionals in the team) if you hit certain sales amount with TLS Society App, including :-
- Video shooting
- Facebook Content Copywriting
- Facebook Image Designing
(All the services are given FREE MONTHLY!)

8. How long will it takes to see the how much I have earn from my registered customers spending?
Answer : All the referral bonus will be shown in the your app account immediately.
For example, your registered customer A spent in Saloon Sky(one of the TLS Society merchants), total amount RM500. Your app will shows 250 RPoint(5%Referral Bonus)

9. R Point Calculation?
Answer : Every 10 R Point of yours is worth RM1

10. How long is the process of withdrawal?
Answer : Due to bank policy, the withdrawal process will takes 3-5 working days.